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Rental – all things rental

SAMSUNG Your business is our business SAMSUNG Renting any property be it be in the city or the country or in between is your decision. You have the ability to select from a number of properties and deal directly with the owner.   We help you manage your needs.  

Federal, State, and local

SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG Federal, state, and local laws and regulations can make you feel trapped! can help! This can be a daunting task but we will make simple and put a face on what you need to have for that comfort level you deserve!  

Owner’s World

SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG Your business is our business We have 100 years of combined experience with managing property.  No doubt you have invested a great deal of time, energy, and resources(money) and either are not willing to just “give up ” and turn it over to the best deal offered or what you deserve. is Read More …

Starting with Property View

SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG By now you have been wondering what we are all about! Frankly, we are going to revolutionize the residential and commercial real-estate business model. Up until now it has been win/lose situation. The real estate agent wins and the property owner loses in most cases when it comes to property management. Moreover, Read More …

Why Property View?

SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG takes the headache out of management and allows you freedom that you are otherwise chained to what you would expect your “management company should do for what you are paying them! Typical it is 10% of the rental price per month. What do you get? From my experience nothing. I found Read More …